Welcome to Maxima Pool

Climate Positive Cardano Pool . Highest level security

Since 2021

We are a climate positive pool with a mission to grow the Cardano community by spreading knowledge

maxima in latin means "greatest"

Climate Positive

We believe in the importance of being climate positive. Our nodes are powered with 100% green energy. Plus, we plant hundreds of trees every 30 epoch to offset as much carbon as we can.

Fast and Secure

Our nodes are powered by the most trusted server infrastructure provider in the world. With it, we can guarantee 100% uptime, the fastest and most reliable hardware, and the highest level of security.

Maximized Return

With just 0.5% margin fee & 340 per Epoch (minimal requirement set by the Cardano network), our fee is kept at the absolute minimal to maximize the return rate of the pool. We are able to keep the cost low in all aspects by being extra efficient operating this pool and spending absolutely ZERO on marketing.

Ticker: MAX

Node Locations
Frankfurt, Germany
Santa Clara, CA

How to delegate :

  1. If you don't already have Cardano wallet, first set up a wallet at Yoroi or Daedalus. Then, send your ADAs to the wallet address that you created. *Note: if you are a first time Cardano user, we recommend more user friendly Yoroi wallet.

  1. With Yoroi wallets, select the "Delegation List" tab and search for MAX, then hit the button "Delegate". With Daedalus wallets, select "Stake Pools", using the "Staking" badge on the left. Then, search for MAX and select "Delegate to this pool".

Real-time Monitoring

Real time monitoring dashboard allows our delegators to take a peak into how our pool is performing 24/7.

Follow us

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Tree planting starts NOW

Maxima Pool is established on April 3rd, 2021, or Epoch 257. Every 30 Epoch starting from Epoch 257, we will count the number of delegators and round up the number to the nearest hundred. Then, we will plant the equivalent number of trees through Carbonfund.org and OneTreePlanted.org - both are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. We update our tree planting activities on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. Also, feel free to check the detailed stats directly on our dedicated google sheet.

🌳Live Stat🌳
Trees Planted to Date: 100
Carbon Reduced in Tons: 2
Next Epoch for Planting: Epoch 287

About Cardano

Welcome to the future! Cardano is a public blockchain platform for smart contracts, with its native cypto currecy being ADA. The plaform is developed and supervised by the Cardano Foundation in Zug, Switzerland. If you would like to learn more, please check below!

We create youtube videos for you!

We are a team of two students, and early on we relied heavily on many great youtube videos to learn about the blockchain technologies. We want to give back to the growing Cardano community and the broader blockchain community by creating short, fun, and informational videos for the newbies of the community 😊.